Triple C: Cranberry Crash Course – July 2020

Triple C: Cranberry Crash Course is back and have been updated to reflect all things Rotary and Rotaract! Led by our Rotary Foundation Chair PP K. Tremaine Gilkes and Director of Club Service Joeleita Agard, all attendees were given an overview of the key changes in Rotary inclusive of:

  • The introduction of ‘Supporting the Environment’ as one of Rotary’s Areas of Focus
  • The ‘Elevate Rotaract’ mantra and what it really means

For newer members, they got an overview of our membership requirements, main committees and past projects that fall our the various arms of service followed by an introduction of the Rotary Foundation.

If you missed this session, please review the below slides or send us an email at to answer any burning questions that you might have.